Workflow management

  • Multi-user role for efficient collaboration and privacy
  • Candidate relationship management on the clould
  • Automate engagement with potential candidates from interview scheduling to sending offer letters
  • End to end management for your recruitment campaign

Consolidate candidate profiles from all hiring channels

  • Productivity breakthrough accelerate hiring
  • Integrate with social medias, local web boards and other hiring channels for easy sourcing
  • Highlight most qualified candidates

Enhance company branding and relationship with local talent pool

  • Professional recruitment branding page
  • Friendly and easy to use software design with 24/7 customer support
  • Nurture past candidate profile for future hiring

Professional Report and Evaluation

  • Smart tool to measure recruitment cost and productivity to improve future planning
  • Tracking of channel efficiency and conversion rate
  • Analytics to help optimize business intlligence

How it works

ATS helps you manage every stage of the hiring process:

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1Attract & Engage

Broadcast jobs through free or premium posts, accept applications, and create the ultimate candidate experience

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2Interview & Collaborate

Command central for candidate communication, interview scheduling, feedback gathering, and more

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3Offer & Onboard

Perform background checks, manage offers, and onboard new hires digitally, creating the best Day 1 ever

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